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What is Zest?

Zest is a crowdfunding platform for weight loss where you work with coaches, share your weight loss journey, and build your support network.

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Invite your network to subscribe to your journey

Reach out to your friends and family on your social channels and gain supportive followers.

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Work with your coach and create fun, original perks

Learn how to eat healthy, exercise, and build a support system by sharing your weight loss journey.

Set the price and benefits of your exclusive content for the different levels of your supporters.

For example, each "Gold" subscriber could pay $20 per month to get your best workout tips and access to your meal guide.

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Blog your journey and unlock dividends as you hit milestones

Get creative across a variety of mediums to share updates, deliver perks, and build your support system.

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Achive. Inspire. Earn.

Join by Aug 30th and we'll match every dollar you earn, up to $100. Terms & restrictions apply.